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About elure

A beautiful, radiant, even skin tone is an important part of feeling confident about the way we look and feel. elure Advanced Skin Brightening Solution is a unique clinically demonstrated natural cosmetic skin brightening product.
The unique composition of elure creates a powerful solution that gently yet quickly diminishes the appearance of stubborn discoloration in a clinically proven, safe manner to reveal a visibly brighter, more radiant and exceptionally luminous tone.

elure Line of Products

elure includes a complete range of luxurious skin products formulated to quickly and safely brighten the skin appearance, leaving it looking younger and more radiant:
• elure Advanced Brightening Lotion
• elure Advanced Brightening Night Cream
• elure Advanced Facial Wash Pre-Brightening Treatment

elure Science & Clinical Results


elure has a clinically proven range of skin brightening products developed to diminish the appearance of stubborn discoloration while correcting uneven skin tone. The active ingredient in elure products is the enzyme extract, Lignin Peroxidase (LIP) which specifically brakes down existing melanin in the upper layers of the skin.
The elure brightening product line has been clinically researched, providing much faster appearance improvement when compared to other products on the market.



Clinical studies showed the following when used twice a day for 28 days:

  • 82% of the subjects demonstrated a significant decrease in their skin discoloration*
  • 91% of the subjects showed an overall improvement in overall fairness*



The elure treatment will improve any uneven discoloration associated with aging and sun damage resulting in a brighter skin appearance.

* Clinical study conducted in Asia by Dermscan, France


I have been most impressed with not only the significant clinical fading response I have observed with elure, but also that the product could be easily incorporated into my patients’ skincare regimens without irritation.
Tina Alster, MD

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